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Splashlake is the refreshing approach to your scientific data journey.

Capture and manage your scientific data with rich metadata. Enjoy your instrument data in your browser wherever you are. Seamlessly connect your instruments to LIMS, ELN and SAP (ERP). Always stay compliant and make your data integrity story a no brainer. Share your content with your team and external partners like CROs and CDMOs.

Splashlake is cloud-native but works just as well on-premise. Bring your own storage or compute - or just use ours. Federate with Microsoft 365 to truly take your scientific data anywhere. Embrace data and communication standards. Scale FAIR data across the enterprise.


Seamless instrument integration with LIMS, ELN and ERP

Data Management

Secure on-premise and cloud storage for instrument files, streams and metadata

Access & Reuse

View, expose and share data anywhere, including LIMS and Microsoft 365


Compliant long-term archival in
human-readable formats
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